About Me

Communicating better, feeling closer and being connected to the people you love are priorities for most of us. I am a relationship specialist. It’s my mission to help you figure out what happened to create distance between you and your loved ones and help you reconnect and feel closer. My approach is compassionate and nonjudgmental as well as direct. I am especially passionate about:

  • Teaching and coaching couples to listen to one another with compassion
  • Helping couples reconnect and then maintain emotional and sexual closeness
  • Helping individuals grow, make changes, and reach their goals through building empathy and skills
  • Helping you use your values, your commitments, and your spiritual journey to reach your goals

My professional home is with the Council for Relationships www.councilforrelationships.org where I work with couples, families and individuals, supervise students and teach in both the Masters of Family Therapy program and the postgraduate certificate program.

Please call or email me for an individual, couples or family therapy consultation today.