Brief Pre Marriage Counseling Helps Marriage Success



Pre Marriage counseling is a great way to get your marriage off to a strong start.  My three session pre marriage counseling package will help you discover and build on your strengths, discover areas of  growth and give you skills build your future together.  Research shows that couples who choose to do  pre marriage counseling can reduce their risk of future of divorce by 30%*

In the first session of this this three session program I will get to know you as a couple and begin to identify your relationship and communication patterns.  At the end of the session you will receive a code that will give you access to an online questionaaire about your communication style, your personality styles, your areas of strength and a few areas for  growth. This When you’ve completed the survey the results are tabulated.  The report from your survey is sent to me and is a bird’s eye view of your relationship.

At the second session we will review your report.  You’ll celebrate and confirm your strengths, gain new insight into the ins and outs of your communication and focus in on some specific communication skills that will help you make your relationship even stronger. You’ll leave that session with an invitation to continue practicing your new skills at home.

At our third session you will have the opportunity to fine tune your communication skills and get some additional coaching. Contact me to set up your first appointment






*Stanley, S. M. (2001). Making a case for premarital education. Family Relations, 50, 272-280. U.S. Census Bureau. (2011). Statistical abstracts of the United States.


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