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Bigstock_4411767Communication Skills Package for Two

When you have drifted apart and want to find your way back to the closeness you once felt in your relationship,  these three private sessions will focus on building a toolkit of essential communication skills.   Each session is an hour and fifteen minutes in length and will be customized according to your particular needs and concerns. Over the course of the three sessions you will learn and receive coaching on the foundational communication skills every couple needs for effective communication. The three skills are:

Recognizing your Communication Pattern. Most couples recognize that their communication follows a predictable pattern. Identifying and mapping your pattern and being able to look at it together is a powerful tool in improving communication.
Listening/Expressing Skill. Learning the art of calm and empathic dialogue is the basic tool of understanding and being understood.

Problem Solving Skill. It’s not how much you agree that matters, it’s your ability to work together to find practical solutions that will work for you as a couple. In this session you will learn and practice the steps that will help you find common ground and move forward.

Session One: At your initial meeting you will begin to identify your particular goals for improving communication and receive a customized code to take an online assessment that will give you a snapshot of the strength and growth areas of your relationship. We will also begin to identify your couple communication pattern.

Session Two: You will review the results of your online assessment and I will collaborate with you to help you choose relationship topics you want to explore. You will also learn and practice the Listening/Expressing Skill and begin to use it to change your communication pattern. I will invite you to practice the Speaker/Expressing Skill at home.

Session Three: Learn the Problem Solving Skill and begin to use it to generate possible solutions to a growth area of your choice.

The cost of this “Communication Essentials for Two” 3 session package is usually $375.00 but is being offered now at a special introductory cost of $325.00 and includes the customized online assessment. *

To Schedule:

CAll 856-783-4200 voice mail #1
OR 2215-382-6680 voice mail #7043

*Sessions must be completed within three months