What the World Needs Now Is Listening



Listening is a lost art and I am convinced  that most of us have few people in our lives who really listen.  It’s like finding treasure when we meet someone who can listen between the lines to what we are saying and what we are trying to say.  A listener who is patient and who hangs in there when we aren’t expressing ourselves just right. Someone who perseveres even when the conversation becomes hard.  When we feel heard….really heard and understood….it has a big impact on us:

  1. A sense of calm envelopes us.  Strong emotions like anger or hurt are soothed.
  2. Loneliness lifts and we feel connected to the person who is hearing us.
  3. We feel unburdened and a sense of relief.
  4. New energy and motivation for change and healing emerges within us.


Each one of us needs someone to listen in this way….and each one of us can become a treasure to someone else and become a listener who can give this gift of deep listening.  Imagine what your closest relationship would be like if you could listen to each other with patience and compassion.  If deep listening was a gift that you could give each other.  Think how much easier it would be to solve a problem, face a dilemma, support each other in a tough time…if you could listen to each other.

It’s something you can learn to do together. Give me a call and make an appointment for the two of you today. Let’s get started..




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